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UPM - Selangor State Government ink MoU to offer diploma programme for youth

By Syifarida Mohammed Zaki
Photos by Noor Azreen Awang

SHAH ALAM, March 6 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Selangor State Government (SUK) office to initiate the Youth in Executive Work Development  diploma (DBKP) programme, aimed at producing knowledgeable graduates in youth development core areas.

State’s Exco for Youth Development, Sports, Cultural and Entrepreneurship Development, Amirudin Shari, said it was aimed at raising education level among youth in Selangor as well as generate knowledge and understanding with regards to youth development.

"This programme will train the candidates to be proactive in planning, implementing and evaluating youth development programmes at the community level," he said.

A total of 35 state’s youth staff were picked and eligible to receive RM357,000, or RM9,400 each for six semesters starting February.

Mock check was presented by Amirudin to UPM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Dr. Mohd Fauzi Ramlan.

Lectures through executive classes would be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 5pm at UPM.

Prof. Dato' Dr. Mohd Fauzi, said UPM was the only university that was given the responsibility by the London-based Commonwealth Secretariat, to offer such a programme in the ASEAN region.

"Offering the DBKP programme is in line with the country’s vision to achieve developed country status by 2020.

"Among the positions that can be filled by graduates of this programme  encompass all levels such as Assistant Youth Officer, Youth Officer, Training Officer/Executive/Manager for Youth Development, Human Resource Planning Officer, Administrative Officer and Youth Development Researcher.

"By offering this programme at UPM, more candidates can be trained in the country," he said.

Previously, the ministry was only able to send youth workers from government sectors and non-governmental organisations (NGO) in small groups to take up the course at the Asia’s Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) centre in India.


He added, the DBKP programme was  also aimed at optimally developing and producing knowledgeable graduates in youth development core areas; training and development, organisational development as well as career development.

DBKP was the result from the programme restructuring at the global certification level that has existed 21 years ago at the CYP centres in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South Pacific.

The restructuring was made for the purpose of giving greater exposure to youth.

CYP has been creating innovative partnerships with 26 universities in the Commonwealth countries.

Collaborations between CYP and the universities in the Commonwealth countries have created a new pathway in youth development fields.

In Malaysia, the programme was launched by Youth and Sports Minister in May 1998 and was approved by Education Ministry as a programme at UPM in June 1999.

UPM has been offering the programme since 1998 and recognised by the Public Service Department since 2007 - UPM

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