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Young Scientist Day fosters school students' interest in science

By Noor Eszereen Juferi
Photo by Marina Ismail

Serdang, May 27 (UPM) - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FPSK), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) hosted the Young Scientist Day programme to foster the interest of 350 school's students who were specially invited to the event.

The event was also aimed at promoting the Human Anatomy Museum, located at the faculty.

Programme director, Dr. Sandra Maniam, said the inaugural programme would benefit students in learning science and exploring the scientific principles of human body in a fun way.

"In this programme, we emphasize on the functions of human body by organizing activities involving senses, smell and body coordination, and I hope the students will be able to identify interesting things about science," she said.

The event which was held on May 27, also offered hands-on activities, including skeletal dance, lava lamp, candle lit energy, exploring your body with a dino eye, how to make a natural room / home air freshener, puzzle of bones, origami, balloon rocket, floating ping pong, H2O rocket, wonders of human body, mad scientist lab, land with parachute and humpty dumpty.

 Marina Ismail, mother of two participants, Adam Zacqwan Syefry Moniz, 11 and Azam Zeffry Syefry Moniz, 8, said the programme also revealed new discovery to her sons through their first experience participating in such activities.

"This programme is not only focusing on the medical field but also on all aspects of science in general and easily understood by school’s students who are still in their learning stage," she said.


Meanwhile, at the Human Anatomy Museum, visitors will have the chance to learn about medicine and human health. The museum also displays information related to human health through the collection of actual specimens of human organs, artificial human skeleton models and health-related posters.

The museum also exposes to visitors on the medical world in a nutshell and its coordinators who are assigned in giving descriptions consist of medical students and staff from the Human Anatomy Department, FPSK, UPM.

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