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UPM's agriculture legacy stays among the world's topmost varsities

By Azman Zakaria

SERDANG, Oct 27 - From a small, unknown set-up as an Agriculture School on May 21, 1931, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has made a quantum leap through numerous landmark achievements and contributions that it has made in the transformation and development of agriculture in the country.

At its 39th convocation ceremony starting Saturday (October 31) to November 3, 

UPM is witnessing the graduation of its 6,944 graduates, comprising 465 holders of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), 1,815 in Master’s Degree, 4,234 (Bachelor) and 430 (Diploma).

The theme for this year’s convocation is "Anchoring Agriculture" in keeping with its premiership status and outstanding achievements in boosting the field of agriculture in the country.

The numerous international accolades and recognition it has so far gained, plus its outstanding position in the world in the field of Agricultural Sciences reinforce UPM’s powerful resilience and strengths.

Reaching the age of 84 on May 21 this year since its inception as an Agriculture School, its academic reputation remains on top at the international level when it continues to excel as a leader in agricultural education, not only in the country. UPM has also made its presence felt in the global rankings.


One of its many outstanding success stories is when UPM was listed as the world’s 45 for the Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences as issued by the U.S.News & World Report early this month. It surges from its 54th position in 2014.

In South East Asia, UPM is listed as the best University and the seventh in Asia for Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences.

“The commitment, spirit and dedication by UPM community in boosting the 

field of agriculture has been recognized through this global ranking, indirectly proving UPM’s niche in Agricultural Sciences,” said UPM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Fauzi Ramlan.

“We are proud of the achievements as our determination and commitment have brought us to where we are now as amongst the world’s top universities,” he said.

Upgraded to Kolej Pertanian Malaya in 1947 and later known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia in 1973, its status as a higher learning institution with the agriculture sector as its thrust is pre-determined through the establishment of three three central faculties and one basic division – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, and a Division of Foundation Studies.

Outstandingly, the field of agriculture driven by UPM is not only confined to the planting of crops for daily consumption but it also encompasses a wider scope to include livestock breeding, veterinary and forestry, plus the teaching of multiple disciplines of study to fit with the needs and demands of the people and the country.

Despite the change in name to Universiti Putra Malaysia in April, 1997, to reflect on its status as a higher learning institution specializing in various disciplines of study, its position as a university to empower the agriculture sector, is always maintained, making UPM to be more renowned.

The emphasis on agriculture is reflected by UPM through its tagline “Agriculture. Innovation. Life.” which focuses on support and commitment to keep agriculture as the main thrust of its study.

UPM remains one step ahead from other institutions of higher learning with the percentage of marketability of its graduates which stood at 82.2 percent – the highest in the country. Its graduates managed to secure jobs within three months after the convocation ceremony. The percentage for the year 2014 was announced by the Education Ministry this year.

"This clearly proves that UPM’s determination and resilience is always upheld to produce graduates who can meet the global criteria as well as that of their employers', and this, ultimately, will raise their standing and positive image,” Prof. Dato’ Dr Mohd Fauzi said.

From its early kick-start as an Agriculture School, UPM has, along the way, created a legacy of excellence, with significant and high impact innovations it has contributed towards the national agriculture development landscape.

It has also become the main reference for the enhancement of the quality in education as well as research in agriculture. – UPM.


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