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UPM Young Doctors Day 2016 emphasises on healthcare

By Zamzarina Ahmad Bajari
Photo: Ahmad Fua’ad Alwi

SERDANG – For the first time ever, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Pathology Department of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences held a ‘UPM Young Doctors Day 2016’ to instil awareness on healthcare and healthy living.

Deputy Dean of Graduate, Industry and Community Relations (FPSK) Prof. Dr. Amin Ismail said the health-based programme is aimed at enhancing strategic partnership between the university and the society.

“This event will add value to existing community healthcare and development programmes besides helping in finding solutions to current health-related problems facing the country and promoting efforts on transformation of a healthy society,” he said.

He added that facilitators came up with various interesting and suitable interactive modules for pupils of primary schools.

The content of these creative and innovative modules had drawn the interest of some 180 Year Five pupils to explore into the world of medicine and health.

“The faculty intends to adopt Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Serdang for FPSK. Plans will be outlined soon so that we could achieve the objectives of cooperation between UPM and the school,” he said.

Meanwhile, another programme themed “Fever: Friend or Foe” with the cooperation of Kelab Doktor Muda SK Sri Serdang, Serdang, was also held, led by head of Pathology Department (FPSK), Assoc. Prof. Dr Norhafizah Mohtarrudin with nine other academicians, 21 support staff and 12 graduates.

Among some of the module activities highlighted to attract the attention of participating pupils were the role of a doctor, body immune system, fever, human body temperature, facts and myths on fever and tips on healthcare.

UPM has targeted to hold more of such high-impact industry and community relations programmes  from time to time to strengthen cooperation between UPM and the industries besides bridging the gap with the society. – UPM.

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