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UPM uses Fujitsu’s PRIMEQUEST open-server

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi

SERDANG, 9 Jan (UPM) – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has opted to use four units of Fujitsu’s PRIMEQUEST open server technology as part of its core IT transformation investment, making it the first user of the Japanese technology in the country.

The Director of InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC) of UPM, Dr. Khairulmizam Samsudin, said  the PRIMEQUEST hardware is indeed value for money and performance for UPM that is currently revamping its IT support system to facilitate more research for national developments.

“The servers have integrated our system across departments into the central business operation environment, and will also reduce our annual recurring software expenses by up to 50 percent,” he said during a press preview of the new systems at iDEC @ Epsilon, the computer centre of UPM here today.

He said UPM had also adopted the Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers to replace the existing legacy systems to support the university’s growing human resources (HR) application workloads and protect mission critical HR applications from hardware or software failures during migration to other environments such as on the Cloud.

“Our HR Payroll System took 3 hours to compute but now it is 75% faster and completes in approximately 45 minutes,” he said.

Dr. Khairulmizam said the overall upgrade of UPM’s IT infrastructures is part of the university’s effort to secure the business continuity and adhere to the ISMS/IEC 27001 2007 certification which had been already awarded to UPM. It is also for compliance with the Standard Accounting system for Government Agencies (SAGA).

The Fujitsu servers in UPM were purchased in two phases (March and April 2013) and they are now fully operational and supporting UPM’s operations.

Edward Ling, Senior Manager of Platform Products for Infrastructure Services and Solutions of Fujitsu Malaysia, said PRIMEQUEST open server technology had proven their performance stability, riskless virtualization, high availability and best cost-efficiency.

“We continue  to see encouraging interest on PRIMEQUEST open server technology from other industries including commercial, education, retail, communications, public sector and financial services,” he said

He said PRIMEQUEST’s miniframe-like enterprise platform reliability, error prevention and self-healing capabilities allowed organizations to run mission critical computing with other multiple operating system platform such as Microsoft Windows and Linux OS as well as industry-grade software and databases. – UPM

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