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UPM students run to raise fund for cancer patients

By Syifarida Muhamad Zaki

SERDANG, 2 MARCH – About 200 students of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) participated in a charity run in collaboration with the National Cancer Council (MAKNA) to raise funds to help cancer patients in the country.

They managed to collect RM1, 200 through entry fees of RM15 for the public and RM5 for UPM students.

The charity run organized with MAKNA to also raise awareness about the importance of early detection of cancer, saw a victim coming forward to share her experience about breast cancer.

The victim, Leha Othman, 32, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, advised her audience to go for medical checkups at least twice a year.

Women whose family members had breast cancer before should go for health screening more often.

Research carried out by MAKNA showed that 80 percent of the society gave various excuses to avoid seeing the doctor, like being too busy and do not have time to see the doctor.

“There are women who are worried to meet the doctor even though they know there is something wrong. Early detection such as mammograms can save their lives,” she said.

She hoped that all participants regardless of gender would play a vital role to fight against cancer, especially about early detection of breast cancer.

Research Manager of MAKNA, Yusuf Mohamed Aris, said a total of 24,000 cancer patients in Malaysia were receiving treatments every year.

“Cancer patients undergoing treatments will receive chemo-pots for chemotherapy.

“We have to be sensitive and listen to our body. When having a protracted fever, we should immediately get treated in the hospital,” he said.

Director of the charity run dubbed MILES for MAKNA, Noor Adila Abdullah, said the program was one of the activities of Sri Kandi Negara 2013 organized by College 11, UPM.

"The carnival is expected to tap students’ talent to become pioneers in various areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, social and concern for the community," she said.

Among other activities at the carnival are Forum: Women 'High Class "on February 23, 2013; Blood Donation Campaign, March 20, 2013; Adoption Program with residents of Kg Daun Durian Rembau, 6-8 April 2013; Wild Adventure Trips, 20 April 2013; Explorace with Rakan Muda, 21 April 2013 and Charity with Pertiwi; 26 April 2013.

Also present during the 'Miles For MAKNA' charity run was Head of College 11, UPM, Iza Dura Abdul Manan, and the Senior Executive of MAKNA, Pairy Basri.  -- UPM

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