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UPM launches holistic student development module to help shape students' persona

By Mohd Syarif Ahmad Jopri
Photos by oleh Mohammad Izrul Abdul Jabar

SERDANG, April 1 - Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), launched the first Modul Pembangunan Pelajar Holistik (Holistic Student Development Module) as a guideline for students in character and personality building.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni), Prof Dato' Dr Mohammad Shatar Sabran, said the module was the brainchild of UPM colleges’ principals and management.

"There are four modules; academic and character development; student leadership; community policing and identity building, which are now being gradually applied in UPM.

"This is a structured module and its use can as well be applied by other public higher education institutions (IPTA) as a guideline to strengthen students’ identity," he said.

He said, this module is suitable with the current use and able to be practically implemented by students in understanding the holistic development and its importance for their future career.

"Community Policing is a new approach introduced at colleges to ensure safety, involving collaborations among the colleges’ management, Student Affairs Division and Security Division," he said.

Academic and personality development specifically focuses on aiding student leaders, ensuring them to achieve outstanding academic excellence as well as foster good personality, particularly during their stint as student leaders.

Student leadership module is a comprehensive guideline to empower leadership and skills by equipping them with the knowledge on survival and fundamental changes.

Identity building module also provides an all-encompassing guideline to strengthen students’ identity and patriotism and it is also aimed at producing patriotic and creative graduates in line with the Education Ministry’s mission, which is to preserve quality education system as well as develop individuals’ potentials in meeting the country’s aspirations.

"Each module has its own characteristics in producing excellent students academically and morally. We want every student to be prepared and fed with knowledge and skills in order to succeed in life," said Prof Dato' Mohammad Shatar.

He said the module will be beneficial to all parties that are attempting to produce graduates who excel entirely based on three main aspirations; holistic, entrepreneurial and balanced graduates.

Meanwhile, the module was launched by UPM Vice Chancellor, Prof Dato' Dr Mohd Fauzi Ramlan at the Harmony Hall, Fifth College on March 4. Also present were colleges’ principals and management, Student Representative Council and colleges’ Students Supreme Council. - UPM

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