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UPM in MeSTI BKKM-UPM2016 smart partnership

By Noor Eszereen Juferi
Photo by Marina Ismail

SERDANG - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Faculty of Science and Food Technology (FSTM) has launched a smart partnership programme, MeSTI BKKM-UPM 2016, to assist the industry in creating a Food Safety Assurance Programme, particularly for scheme certification under “Safe Food is The Responsibility of the Industry (MeSTI).”

The programme’s advisor, Dr. Maimunah Sanny said under the initiative, students will undergo comprehensive training conducted by the Quality Food and Safety Division (BKK) of the Health Ministry to ensure their preparedness in helping the industry.

“Basically, the programme will make the students act like a medium between BKKM and the industry. Selected students will undergo an industrial training (LI) for six months, beginning February 2016,” she said.

She added that the programme with the cooperation of Health Ministry’s BKKM and Food Safety Research Centre (FOSREC) would place students who will undergo the industrial training on the second semester of 2015/2016 at selected small- and medium-sized enterprises.

“The students will help the industry to come up with a Food Safety Assurance Programme (PJKM), particularly in the certification of MeSTI scheme and entrepreneurs have to develop an organized and early system for documentation along with a controlling record,” she said.

MeSTI certification scheme was renamed to replace the 1Malaysia Food Safety Scheme (SK1M). MeSTI certification scheme an improvement of SK1M will facilitate food enterprises, in particular SMEs, to meet the demand as stipulated under the Food Hygienic Regulations 2009.

Such collaboration will enable FSTM to provide specific industrial training courses for programmes offered at the faculty. – UPM.

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