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UPM holds Interactive session with Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir

By: Nur Shaeda Darus
Photographer: Sepang International Circuit Officials

– The Centre of Entrepreneurship Development and Graduate Marketability (CEM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in collaboration with Kelab Kerjaya UPM managed to get up close and personal with the Chairman of Sepang International Circuit (SIC), Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir, to share about his journey in building his career path.

In an attempt to encourage and guide UPM students to take up new and promising careers and excel in their respective areas of interest, 40 students from Kelab Kerjaya UPM grabbed the opportunity to gain the knowledge from him by raising pertinent questions which he duly answered in a very informative manner.

The interactive session was held In conjunction with the 25th Anniversary MotoGP™ 2015 in Malaysia.

Tan Sri Mokhzani who also owns a few investment companies with ventures in the oil and gas industry, said that “we have to prepare ourselves for any circumstances and learn from mistakes.”

He pointed out that effective time and self management help in achieving a good balance between work and personal life, and that one could also become proactive.

He also motivated the students to believe in their dreams and follow the path to success through various new courses which werre available today.

Through this fruitful interactive session, the students, undoubtedly, gained knowledge about new opportunities in the pursuit of their careers.

During the session, the students even had  the chance to do a pit lane walk and visit the team garage.

The event was a huge success and CEM UPM plans to hold more of such sessions in the future, with top speakers from various professions to be invited.

CEM, established in January 2013, is originally known as the Career Placement Centre (CPC).

The centre which features a hybrid of different entities, was later rebranded as CEM. It was set up in line with the Entrepreneurial Development Policy for each institution of higher learning (IHL) in Malaysia to shoulder the responsibility of being the centre of entrepreneurship and graduate employability at IHL.

This is intended to promote and enhance the development of entrepreneurship and employability of graduates in a more structured and holistic approach among local institutions of higher learning.

This is also in line with the ministry’s aim to produce quality human capital – one with critical thought, positive attributes and ​entrepreneurship values.- UPM

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