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UPM Graduates-Volunteers Mission a success in Vietnam

By: Rizal Razak

TAY NINH PROVINCE (Vietnam) – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), in collaboration with UPM Fifth College and Education Malaysia Ho Chi Minh City, with the cooperation of University of Social Sciences & Humanities Ho Chi Minh and Representative of Islamic Community Vietnam, succeeded in carrying out UPM Graduates-Volunteers’ Mission Program at Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam, recently.

The Principal of Fifth College, Dr. Amini Amir Abdullah said the ‘We Volunteer Mobility UPM-Vietnam’ program was aimed at exposing UPM students in a more comprehensive manner in gaining the experience while carrying out volunteerism projects based on the “right volunteer for the right job”, which also means being able to contribute their skills which they learned at the university for the benefit of the local community abroad.

“Such a program is in tandem with UPM’s vision to produce icons amongst UPM graduates-volunteers at the international level and for that positive impact on other UPM students in not only being able to gain knowledge but also effective building of a personality as a student who is able to find solutions to related issues affecting the community,” he said.

He also said UPM students also assisted in promoting and encouraging the community’s new generation to pursue their studies at a higher level.

“The involvement of students in volunteerism programs will add value to UPM students themselves in terms of career opportunity as employers these days look for soft skills in students. Therefore, students should grab the chance for their own benefits,” he added.

The Director of ‘We Volunteer Mobility UPM-Vietnam’ program, Zalyana Mat Zin, meanwhile, paid tribute to students involved, saying throughout their stint in Vietnam, they were able to understand the way of life of the local community, in addition to being able to assist the young in the village to learn via various teaching and learning  activities based on interactive “fun learning” techniques, with focus on the English subject, Mathematics and Arabic Language.

“UPM students were given the chance to demonstrate to the pupils, children, teenagers and other members of the public there the correct ways to brush your teeth, personal care, other health-related aspects and personal hygiene.”

“Interestingly, throughout their stay there, students were able to carry out their community service to the local community through various volunteer works such as building the school gates, and getting involved in immersion activities, together with the  local villagers such as sports, futsal, azan (calling for prayer) contest, cooking the Vietnamese way session and thanksgiving.”

Meanwhile, UPM Vice-Chancellor Prof. Datin Paduka Dr. Aini Ideris described the mission as of paramount importance in instilling the passion amongst students to contribute to the community in tandem with the first thrust of the Malaysian Education Development Plan – Higher Education 2015-2025 (PPPM-PT) - to produce holistic and balanced graduates through their involvement in activities such as co-curriculum, community service and volunteerism, skills and leadership. – UPM.

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