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Nurul Yaqeen Foundation’s Best Thesis Award goes to UPM’s Dr Razali Othman

By Azman Zakaria
Photo by Noor Azreen Awang

SERDANG, 20 Jan - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Islamic Centre Director, Dr. Razali Othman has won the 2015 Nurul Yaqeen Foundation Best Thesis award which is given out in recognition and support of high-quality theses that contribute significantly towards knowledge development and expansion. The award under “Best Doctor in Philosophy Thesis” category in Social Science and Humanity was presented to him by Nurul Yaqeen Foundation Academic Executive Chairman, Dato’ Wira Dr. Ismail Ibrahim at a function in Universiti Malaya recently. The objective of the award is to spur high quality research and post-degree thesis writings in all fields, in recognition of the best post-degree research and thesis and to encourage the publication of winning theses. His thesis, entitled “Penggunaan Wang Fiat Sebagai Instrumen Wakaf Tunai: Satu Kajian Teoretis” (The Use Of Fiat Money As A Cash Wakaf Instrument: A Theoretical Study) is to gauge the extent in the use of fiat money for wakaf purposes. A total of 93 people was shortlisted, including nominees from abroad, before only 10 were selected for the final. The 10 finalists were called to make their presentations and attended an interview before a panel of four professors who were experts in their fields before the winner was named.

Dr. Razali who said he was grateful to have won the award, expressed his gratitude to UPM for nominating and sponsoring him although the doctorate research was done at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). “This victory, hopefully, will inspire other administrative officers to work harder in finishing their theses. If we work hard, we can definitely finish it within the deadline,” he said. In sharing his formula of success at the award presentation ceremony, he said he firmly upholds to the principle of working hard and praying hard to Allah SWT for His blessings. “Just do what is required of you as His slave, and stay away from what is forbidden. Never miss to perform the five prayers every day, and strengthen your conviction by performing solat sunat at night, and continue giving away alms. “Never give up but must work hard and pray. Throughout this journey, there are happy and sad moments. In time of sadness, look for Allah and in time of happiness, never forget Him but pray to Allah. “If we help His religion, Allah will help us,” he said. He received a trophy, RM15,000 cash and a certificate. – UPM.

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