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Nigeria recognises UPM lecturer’s contribution in solid waste management

By Nursyahirah Ariffin

Serdang, NOV 9 - A lecturer from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FPSK), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), was awarded the Merit Award for Excellence and Award for Excellence from the Nigerian government recently.

Dr. Indrakaran T. Karthigesu received the recognition for his ideas and contribution in the development of the solid waste management system in the country.

He was also the supervisor to a postgraduate student from Nigeria, Muhammed Kamaluddeen Lawan, who conducted the study on the solid waste management in improving the existing system in his country.

"My idea was to create a transfer station between residential area and landfill to save time, energy and costs.

"Transfer station module is not only working as a solid waste collecting transit in the area, but also as a solid waste removal and basic recycling centre in order to reduce the amount of solid waste sent to the landfill," he said.

He has also developed another model to reduce waste from emission sources by building a basic recycling centre in each community area.

Dr. Indrakaran, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, FPSK, received the award from the Nigerian High Commissioner, Mr. Bello Shehu Ringim at the Nigeria High Commission in Kuala Lumpur on October 27.

He obtained his Bachelor in Management Studies from the University of Montana in 1997, continued on to obtain his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Missouri, USA and followed by a Ph.D in Management Studies in Waste Management from the University of Hertfordshire in 2011 .

Throughout his active involvement in solid waste management, Dr. Indrakaran has been appointed as Chartered Waste Manager by the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, UK, Fellow Member of the Royal Society of Public Health, London and Voting Member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, London, UK in 2014.

"I also intend to carry out more research to improve solid waste management and public cleansing in this country," he said.

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