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GE Programme to Produce High Impact Entrepreneurs

UPM is set to produce 16 high impact entrepreneur graduates through the Graduates Entrepreneurship programme, GE, in collaboration with the Malaysian Trade Development Centre, MTDC.

UPM Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Mohd Saleh Jaafar said the former students of UPM who are being trained to be entrepreneurs will seek to commercialize the13 best technology research products by UPM through 10 production companies together with respective researchers. 
“Selected individuals underwent an induction programme organized by the university back in 2010, aimed at emphasizing entrepreneurial skills in business,” he said, following the recent exchange of a commercialization agreement under the GE programme.

The event was officiated by Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah. Also present was MTDC Executive Chairman, Norhalim Yunus.

According to Professor Mohd Saleh, among the highlighted technology products are bio-fertilizer/compost for sustainable planting, high performance spectrum analyzer for fresh fruits, and phonic software to aid students with visual dyslexia.

He said the selection of these 13 products was made by MTDC based on market preference and the price value.

He also clarified that MTDC was the main sponsor of the programme as well as the business development adviser, while UPM provided and transferred the technology to be commercialized. 

MTDC has advanced a total of Rm100, 000 to cover the cost of documentation and setting up of 10 production companies.

“MTDC has also agreed to provide an advance of RM 150,000 as start-up capital for these companies to commence operations”, he added. 

Meanwhile, Datuk Saifuddin aid the GE programme would help to overcome working capital, mentoring and business networking problems normally faced by graduates venturing into  entrepreneurship.

“This has happened because many financial institutions and banks are not  proactive in assisting graduate entrepreneurs regardless of how unique their business is. 

“The GE program is seen as a solution to these problems as MTDC is all set to provide assistance to these graduates, by mentoring them  and providing business networking.

The university, on the other hand works to its strengths, which are knowledge, research and generating ideas

He also called for more private companies to organize similar programmes in efforts to persuade more graduates to get involved in entrepreneurship. 

News provided by Noor Eszereen Juferi 03-8946 8985, Office of Marketing and Communication (MarComm), Photo (Azreen Awang Noor, 03-8946 6199).

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