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Nur Ain Nabisya Azmi picked as icon for the disabled

By: Yasmin Yusoff

SERDANG, March 4 – A Bachelor of Science (Human Development) student from the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Nur Ain Nabisya Azmi was named the recipient of the National Special Iconic Award given out in conjunction with the National Disabled People Convention Programme 2016.

Nur Ain Nabisya, 20, a Semester Two FEM student, said such an achievement which served as a catalyst, would spur her to continue working hard for a better life.

 “I want to be with the others in contributing towards the society, just like my other normal friends, and be exemplary to other disabled persons by working harder for success,” she said.

The eldest of three siblings, she added that the award, hopefully, could set a good example for her friends with disabilities.

Nur Ain Nabisya also expressed her wish for the disabled in the country to be accorded equal treatment by the society. She shared her experience of being ill-treated, simply because she is handicapped.

“I also hope that the facilities for the disabled in Malaysia can be upgraded, including those available at higher learning institutions and public areas for the convenience of the disabled to lead a normal life,” she added.

The Disabled Iconic Award, courtesy of Langkawi Inclusive Community Foundation (LICOF) with the cooperation of Women Development, Family and Community Ministry, was aimed at enhancing the lifestyle of the disabled and for inclusivity. – UPM.

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