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More than 100 biz opportunities at MIExpo 2013 at UPM (26-28 Sept, 2013)

By Kuah Guan Oo





SERDANG, 17 Sept (UPM) – If you are looking for a product, invention, innovation or even an idea to start a business, then there are more than 100 opportunities for you to consider at the Malaysian Innovation Expo (MIExpo 2013) at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) from 26th to 28th September 2013.

The MIExpo 2013 will showcase more than 100 inventions, research and innovation by the researchers and scientists of UPM and several other institutions of higher learning.

The expo is also a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs and the business people to know, and link up with, the researchers and academicians to further whatever business plans they have, through collaboration, research and other studies. 

UPM’s Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Mohd Saleh Jaafar said the expo which is organized by his office, will be held at the Banquet Hall of the university for three days from 26th Sept 2013.

It is targeted at the industry and business community who may be interested in commercializing the technological inventions, innovations and software of UPM and other universities that will be displayed and discussed at the expo.

It is also a venue for business matching for UPM’s technology and the agriculture industry as well as all the products at the three-day exhibition.





“The innovations to be exhibited are those from the agriculture and food industries, applied sciences and engineering, bio-systems and bio-technology, business, economics, environment and energy, health and the wellness industry, humanities and human resource development, science and material technology, halal science and management, mathematical sciences, information technology and communication,” he said.

MIExpo 2013 is a re-branding of the previous exhibition and competition that was known as the Inventions, Research and Innovation (PRPI) Malaysia.

Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Saleh said MIExpo is a new platform to gather all the results of the researches starting from school to the university level that meet the needs and requirements of the society and industry.

“The variety of research findings and inventions can be seen and evaluated to see if they are of any use or benefits to the people, if they can be marketed and spur the economy,” he added.

He said in conjunction with the exhibition, they will launch a new liquid bio-fertilizer called “Bacto 10”, a new UPM product manufactured by PhytoGold company that can increase agricultural yields.

To be launched at the closing ceremony of MIExpo 2013 is the Integrated Farms and Gardens scheme by the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, Dato' Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob.

Thirty schools from throughout the country will compete in their respective school innovations competition during the exhibition, with the cooperation of the Education Ministry and MARA.

Among the notable inventions and innovations at the exhibition are:

*  A Rapid Diagnostic Kit for Early Detection of Acute Leptospirosis, a lethal  bacterial disease borne by rat urine;  

* The Novel Bifunctional Bioactive Peptides Generated from Palm Kernel Cake Protein against Cardiovascular Diseases, and  

* The Novel Procedure for Efficient Collagen Production from Jellyfish.

Among the innovations by the schoolchildren are a vinegar made from banana pith,    Adsorbent Chicken Feathers, Soursop Leaves for Pesticides, "Cassava" Green Paper and Multipurpose Corn Husks.

The booth for direct sale that will be popular are those selling UPM agricultural products like compost and fertilizers, fruit seedlings and saplings, rock melons and so on.

There are other booths available for the sale of agriculture produce and products by those producers under the Ministry of Agriculture and other agencies.

.It will also have, for the first time, business matching sessions to invite the business and industrial community to invest in the technologies being developed by UPM.

Besides MIExpo, members of the public can also visit the booth of UPM Edupark (or Educational Park) for the different educational-tourism packages available at the university, such as the Veterinary  Anatomy Museum, the Human Anatomy Museum, the Deer and Goat Farm, the Dairy Farm, the Equine Centre, the Entomology Museum, the Agriculture Conservatory Park and so on. 

Guided tours to these places of educational value would be conducted for those students who have made prior bookings. -- UPM

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